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Shrimad Bhagwat Katha By Pujy Shri Devkinandan Thakur Ji Maharaj Date :- 8-10-2014 To 14-10-2014 Vanue :- Tidda Ground Solan Himachal Pradesh.

Ram Katha

Ram Katha is the Hindu epic poem, which percolates through the mind and soul and purges them from any kind of ills. It was the pious occasion when Param Pujya Shri Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj (Vrimndavam) felicitated the crowd of devotes with his divine presence and enchanted the complete Ram Katha in Hindi. The Ram devotees looked completely imbued in the Shree Ram Katha, and they listened carefully to the enchantments uttered by the Param Pujya Shri Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj in pure Hindi dialect. It was a memorable event where mind was in unison with the almighty, and heart was filled by revered thoughts. The popular Ram Chandra Katha was uttered by Thakur ji in his orphic tone, and every part of shaloka was recited with firmness to the god – Rama, and also Sita and Laxmana. Thakur ji recited the complete poem with incantation backed by light wonderful tones.

 Listening to Ram Katha in Hindi the devotees come in line with the principles of life and pledged that they follow the principles all through their life and lead the life full of esteem piousness and brotherhood. Listening to Shree Ram Katha with open heart and mind concentration make the devotees feel light hearted and takes him close to the god, the almighty –the Vishnu.

 Shree Ram Katha is also seen as the tale of eternal love and unity and brotherhood. Listeners who listen to the discourse and the incantations get the lesson of love, eternity and brotherhood. The devotees of Shree Ram were filled with love and charm as they listened to Ram Katha with full devotion and fervor.

 King Rama, seen as the true embodiment of Maryada Purushottam, took victory over the evils existing in the society remaining and performing within the limits of humanity. The devotees were elated by the recitations of Param Pujya Shri Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj of the Ramcharitamanas, written by Tulsidasa, born in the 16th century. Ramcharitamanas is written in the form of Dohas or Couplets comprising seven chapters - Bal Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kiskindha Kand, Sundar Kand, Lanka Kand and Uttar Kand. Prior to these seven chapters, the story of Lord Shiva was also narrated by Thakur Ji Maharaj as the part of prologue to Ram's story.

 Param Pujya Shri Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj recited Shree Ram Katha and made the environment filled with completeness. Thousands of devotees also participated in the recitation of dohas and the ambience was completely charged.

 Param Pujya Shri Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj made every subtle reference contained in the Ram Chandra Katha. Devotees, joining the hands and praying Lord Rama, and remembering his deeds uttered Jai Shree Ram. The occasion of recitation of Shree Ram Chandra Katha turned the atmosphere eclectic and spiritual and every devout felt the change in his or her inner self.

।। राधे राधे ।।माँ दुर्गा जी की सातवी शक्ति कालरात्रि के नाम से जानी जाती है । इनके शरीर का रंग घने अन्धकार की तरह एकदम काला है । माँ कालरात्रि का स्वरूप देखने में अत्यन्त भयानक है , लेकिन ये सदैव शुभ फल ही देने वाली है । इसी कारण इनका एक नाम शुभंकरी भी है ।। राधे राधे ।।